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Khrelham is a colorful cloud city on the planet Urvanas.

Background[edit | edit source]

The residents of Khrelham - approximately 400 humans and 900 lux - have painted the city in vivid hues that reflect all the colors of the rainbow, going so far as to use colors of even beyond the spectrum visible to humans, though lux can see them just fine. Lux and humans alike can say that the bright colors deter malork attacks.

One particular patch of chartreuse "painted" on the city has a way of disappearing and then reappearing inside a new location just a few days later, sometimes even within structures either inside or beneath the dome. Khrelham citizens are disquieted by its behavior and keep an eye out for its latest location. Human and lux children alike tell stories of how "the color will get you" if you ever find yourself alone somewhere in the city and happen to glimpse the yellow-green hue.

Mist Beauties[edit | edit source]

A human troupe of traveling performers known simply as the Mist Beauties calls Khrelham their home, when they're no flying between inhabited cloud cities inside of a small, refurbished vessel called Mist Dancer. Qeecan Mefot leads the troupe, a man with the ability to project "illusions" of himself, which is quite useful when performing a play requiring a lot of extras. The duplicates he creates are sometimes female versions of himself, other times they're younger or even older versions of himself. Secretly, however, Qeecan is a spy for the Covenant of Urvanas, a group based within Ruxali that seeks to consolidate power over all the human-inhabited cloud cities.

The Mist Beauties will sometimes provide free shows to the Khrelham locals. After such shows, wonderful and strange news regarding the rest of the world is dispensed., but only so long as someone else provides the ale and food.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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