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Ishlav is a city in the Kingdom of Ancuan.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ishlav is a city built on a city. The original Ishlav was destroyed about twenty years ago when a group of explorers returned to the city with a strange device they had discovered in an ancient ruin. When the Aeon Priests in Ishlav fiddled with the object in an attempt to understand it, the device released a powerful burst of energy that destroyed most of what lay within a radius of 2 miles. However, none of the people, animals, or plants were harmed. Only nonliving matter was affected. The blast split this line with a fine blade - it left freshly cut wooden logs unharmed, but it obliterated older wood in rafters, wagon wheels, and shovel handles. Strangely, the ground - soil, rocks, and the like - appears to have been unaffected.

After the event, new strangements were discovered. For example, those caught in the blast found that some, but not all, of their diseases had been cured, their wounds healed, and their general health improved. Even today, Ishlav's new generations enjoy robust health, good looks, and impressive physical qualities.

The city's buildings, obviously, are relatively new. After the blast, workers rebuilt some of the original layout, but an influx of people wanting to share in the renowned health-boosting qualities has caused Ishlav to double in size. Now home to 20,000 souls, it's a burgeoning city with a large idle population that waits for its mysteries to heal, boost, or aid them in some way. Unfortunately, many people have no means of supporting themselves except through begging, thievery, or worse, so Ishlav is gaining a new reputation, one of darkness and danger.

That danger comes from many sources, but one in particular is on the rise: the Monks of Mitos, a well-structured organization led by a man named Kollos. Renowned for his otherworldly hand-to-hand combat skills, Kollos claims to have found a way to harness the cosmic power of the universe within his cells, channeling his energy into a lethal fighting style that he calls "fistprayers." He and his followers preach about creating a more harmonious, safer world, and they teach free classes in self-defense and nonlethal combat. But behind the caring, soft words lies something more sinister, and those with the necessary money or influence can avail themselves of the monk's deadlier skills.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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