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Part ofNinth World

Iscobal is a kingdom that lies in the western regions of the Steadfast. It borders Malevich to the East, Draolis to the North, and Ancuan to the South.

Background[edit | edit source]

A land tearing itself apart from the inside. Internal politics keep the nation focused on itself rather than the dangers of its neighboring, expansionist kingdoms.

The palace intrigues revolve around a royal family, led by King Noren tiKalloban and his wife, Queen Thera. Forty years prior, Noren's father, Rabbar tiKalloban, seized the throne from a Queen Whenith Sarromere, whom many believed unfit to rule the kingdom. While the opposed queen later died in exile in the land of Ancuan, her sons, Bren and Kor Sarromere intend to take the kingdom back in the name of their house. To this end, they work against the current king and his royal family, both openly and in secret.

It was only a year ago that an attempt was made on the king's life, leaving him with only one eye and one arm. It was through the healing power of the kingdom's numenera stockpile that his life was spared. No proof could link the assassination to House Sarromere, but few had any doubts. In response to the incident, Queen Thera took it upon herself to organize a clandestine group known as the Masked Legion in an effort to combat the Sarromere family in the shadows while her husband opposes them in court.

During her strange reign, the former Queen Whenith had become convinced that, through a variety of numenera secrets, she could be able to harness the power of dreams in order to control the minds of any and all who opposed her rule, both inside and outside the borders if her kingdom. Eventually, she gave up on this scheme, but only because she began to believe that, instead of corporeal Iscobal, an entirely different land to rule lie within her own dreams. With each capricious and/or bizarre idea involving sleep or dreams, she issued rewards to any explorers who scoured the Ninth World for devices and knowledge related to those subjects. Meanwhile, she commanded her own Nanos and scholars to experiment with the sciences they understood to literally turn her dreams into reality.

The Residents of Iscobal are mostly farmers and fishers. The former raise wheat, beans, and cotton; tending to orchards of orange billiam fruit. The latter use small, round boats called skitters to travel up and down the coast as well as down the mighty Wyr River.

Iscobal is known for its abundant game. Hunters provide a great deal of howl and venison to feed it population of 1 million.

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