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Hayrest is a coastal city within the Divided Seas region.

Background[edit | edit source]

The circular lake city of Hayrest, situated along the southern shore of the Navae Marica, teems with people. For its relatively small size, it boasts a population of 50,000.

Within its carefully constructed moats, which flow around and through the city as though they were natural rivers, Hayrest is a center of scholarly pursuits and handicrafts. Such a place is surprising so far from the Steadfast, but it might be due to the strong influence of the city's varjellen population. Once consisting of just a few visitants in a small section of the city known as the Mark, the varjellen have migrated to Hayrest in creasing numbers. The Mark has grown to encompass nearly a quarter of the city and is now home to varjellen and humans alike. Here, you'll find not just markets of interesting and unusual goods but also art studios, scientific laboratories, and street universities.

Additionally, Hayrest is known for water transports of all types, including a special bubble diver that's made only by Vestiai Lagim, a varjellen who runs the Lagim Divedown in the Mark.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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