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The Hard Sea is a region of ocean that randomly configures its color, consistency, and substance on the planet Xeobrencus.

Background[edit | edit source]

Approximately 400 miles in diameter, the Hard Sea is infused with a semisolid yet ephemeral aspect, thus causing it to be as tenuous as a gas one day and then has hard as stone the next. Because of this, the area is extremely dangerous, especially whenever the waters turn to gas, which can allow access to the sea bottom with any crushing pressures to deter the wildlife.

The standard flora and fauna alike happen to be mostly absent from the Hard Sea. Rather, strands of an extremely-tough sea grass take their place, growing in vast quantities throughout the region. Holding many useful qualities, the sea grass can be weaved to make really strong garments, objects, or even other items by atavist and dreaming ranthra alike. Even the Diluvian will send its sphere-like automaton servants to the Hard Sea on occasion, just to harvest the grass.

Notable fauna residing in the Hard Sea are ochoz, creatures that resemble ship-sized mollusks bearing massive whorled shells. They move slowly across the sea bottom, only becoming visible once the water turns to gas. They're known for excreting dung-stone deposits that happen to be layered the cyphers.

A particular colony of dreaming ranthra are also known to reside in caverns located within the Hard Sea. They seem to know when the sea is safe enough to send swimmers (or perhaps skydivers, whenever its consistent with air) as well as whenever to sound the retreat before the waters turn as hard as granite.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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