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The Gyre is a void within the dimension of Reeval that's linked the extraterrestrial world of Farundiel.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Gyre is a void 10 miles long in diameter, its whorled, slowly writhing interior surface littered with hundreds of wrecked spacefaring vessels that ventured through hole in space from the human dimension. Within the Gyre, the hole appears as a spherical blot of darkness drifting at the void's center. Since the hole itself is normally one way, the air within the void doesn't escape, but sadly, neither do any explorers that've entered from the base dimension.

Explorers, and any other victims of circumstance, from the base dimension, requiring protection from the airless vacuum of the night, will usually arrive in some spacefaring vessel and this is why the Gyre is so full of them. Most seem to be ancient, others have distinctly different designs, as if perhaps built by entirely different civilizations. Many of the visible wrecks are partly inundated to one degree or another with slowly twining strands of the Thread. In some cases the strands have pulled away ship segments. A few, however, have remained whole. These tend to serve as the homes for the handful of survivors. In addition to them, a peculiar Thread Walker by the name of Red is also commonly found within the Gyre.

A single exit, a tunnel no larger than 50 ft. wide leads to the Braid.[1]

Farun[edit | edit source]

A group of approximately 30 humanoids called the Farun have survived within the Gyre for a few generations, scavenging supplies from more ancient spacecraft and growing crops within large, smooth hulled vessels that they call their home. Their stories suggest that they're descended from explorers who had piloted their ships into the hole in space, only to become stranded within the Gyre. Most don't even speak the Truth.

A woman named Laruh leads them. Laruh wears clothing scavenged from half a dozen different civilizations (many of said garments once served as suits to protect those against the vacuum of space.), as do most of the Farun residents, ultimately giving them somewhat of an eccentric façade. She organizes scavenging parties, settles disputes, and take point when newcomers enter into the Gyre or even dealing with the Thread walker resident they call Red. Laruh happens to know a little Truth because of her interaction with a crew of human explorers from space that fell through the hole some years ago. None of those crew still remain, and Laruh seems unwilling to describe why is asked. In truth, in order to protect her people, she had misled the human explorers into believing that Red could be trusted. So when Red finally conveyed its desire for the humans to "follow" it through the Body, they complied, and were never seen or heard from again. Laruh feels ashamed of what she did, but she would do it again to protect the Farun.

In exchange for any cyphers or food, Laruh would be happy to welcome newcomers and answer most of their questions, though perhaps not all of them. If prompted about the Nibovians (which is a question the previous human crew posed to her), she'll honestly answer that she's never heard of said beings before.[2]

Red[edit | edit source]

A subunit of the Thread will periodically visit the Gyre wearing a bright red full-body space suit sporting a red-tinged visor. If one were to get up close and peer through said visor, they would get a hint of pale, glistening, slowly writhing strands visible from within.

Red, as it is known by the Farun, will sometimes be seen exploring wrecks, pocketing random junk, and then sinking into the boundary layer for days or weeks at a time before reappearing again. Normally, Red will ignore Farun and humans alike. But if someone does intercept it, Red won't take notice. It responds to most queries by either nodding or shaking its head as in disagreement, or by perhaps motioning its gloved limbs. It lacks true self-awareness, though it apes the behaviors it's witnessed from the Farun. In this manner, explorers might believe that they've gotten Red to agree to take them to somewhere else within Reeval. And red may indeed try to take explorers to the Braid. But it might also take them someplace far more dangerous, such as either directly into the Body or perhaps even into a Nibovian Development void.[3]

Wrecked Craft[edit | edit source]

Most of the craft within the Gyre are picked clean. A few, however, may still contain treasures in the form of either shins, oddities, or even hidden way cyphers and artifacts. Threats, such as defensive automatons and alien crew members coming out of millennia-long stasis, are also possible within these vessels.[4]

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