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The Frozen God is an ancient entity native to the Explorable Region of the Gloaming.

Background[edit | edit source]

It's believed that many eons ago, prior to even the formation of the Confederation of Iltegu, a stone structure was built about 80 ft. tall and 60 ft. wide. The structure holds on a single chamber kept under extremely cold temperatures. Said chamber contains a large block of dark ice more than half the size of its surroundings. The liquid it contains is definitely not water, its edges seem to be rounded, and while it sweats on occasion, nit never really melts. The side of the cube that faces the entrance is carved with the image of some huge, bestial face. Lacking no other knowledge than of its apparent form, the residents of the Gloaming have dubbed it the "Frozen God" and have yet to either thaw it or communicate with it.. The reasons being that many of the confederation's citizenry lacks access to strong enough heat sources and the Frozen God doesn't seem to be able respond to simple speech patterns.

For some strange reason, whenever someone within half a mile of the cube's stone structure eats anything, they start to become violently ill. It starts with nausea, leading to a fever, which in turn leads to delusions, all within the hour. Throughout the delusions, the victim experiences seeing a wave rising out of a turbulent sea with the face of the Frozen God upon it, while a bright yellow moon shines down from the sky above.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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