Fortress of Vibborn

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The Fortress of Vibborn is a sturdy, militarized ghru structure on the planet Naharrai.

Background[edit | edit source]

Vibborn is a sophisticated fortress that houses ghru soldiers and fighting vehicles. An odd structure on Naharrai landscape, the fortress is a metallic sphere about 200 ft. in diameter, supported by single metal leg. Ghru insectoid craft flutter in and out of the hangar bays, armed with level 6 missiles that often carry with them a poisonous gas (creating clouds that cover a short area). 150 are billeted here, and they maintain a "stable" of 25 aerial craft.

The fortress wields 2 weapons, which are long poles that come out of the sphere whenever needed. Those within can cause these weapons to emit concentrated bursts of pure sonic energy that can strike any area within 500 ft. of the structure. The energy affects all within immediate range of where it hits. Those caught inside the area will suffer 10 points of damage if struck. Affected targets are also rendered deaf for 2 rounds.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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