Fields of Dore

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The Fields of Dore is a venue within the Explorable Region of the Gloaming.

Background[edit | edit source]

Composed of wide, verdant fields fields of wildflowers ranging in color from, yellow to red to blue, the Fields of Dore are considered to be mostly pleasant. It's rare to spot villages of intelligent creatures among the fields, and explorers can cross them for weeks without encountering anyone. Herbivorous creatures called quarnocks roam in herds around these fields, with their primary threat being carnivorous beasts called mujidavari.[1]

The Porous Plinths[edit | edit source]

The Porous Plinths are megaliths which emit energy generated from the Gloaming's structure via pores. Some consider this energy to be specifically involved in the formation of archadian motes. In ancient times, the plinths may have been once tall and rectangular structures, but now they've become all worn down and weathered, bearing almost fleshy textures and pores that leak radiant, blue energy. It seems that they draw this energy from deep beneath the earth for storage purposes, but some it unfortunately leaks out. The energy is dangerous and anything, or one, who interacts with it will face a level 6 attack, which will in turn require a Might defense roll. A few have claimed to harness this raw power so as to "enchant" their items. It's possible that a ny weapon imbued with this energy could inflict more damage than in its previous state, that clothing could defend in the same manner as sturdy armor, and that boots could allow their wearer to move faster than before.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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