Essence of the Elder Unagran

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Essence of the Elder Unagran
Torment Item Icon 301.png
General data
EffectConfers +4 Icon Resistance.png Resistance, +8 Energy damage on attacks for entire crisis
ValueIcon shins.png 448

Essence of the Elder Unagran is a Cypher of equipment in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

This tubular flask has no opening to release the essence trapped within. Instead, the flask must be cracked open to release a sparkling blue mist. Inhaling the mist will cause you to experience the last moments of a majestic elder unagran, swimming free in the depths of the ocean. Its two rows of eyelike organs sparkle vividly, the long, undulating, armored skin crackling with electricity. Inhaling this mist also produces a sense of lost freedom, of something great being stolen - the unfathomable comfort of the vast, open sea. This is followed by a desire for vengeance. The unagran's life was stolen, and for this, someone must pay. For the duration of the effect, you will experience visions of life as an elder unagran and gain a measure of the creature's strength and rage. When you speak, your words will be echoed by clicks and squeals, and your skin will sparkle with weak electrical impulses.

Location[edit | edit source]