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Esoteries are phenomenon triggered by an active willing and/or orchestrating by conscious beings by interacting with certain numeneras. Such abilities can be easily misunderstood as "magic" or "sorcery". Due to the wide variance of technological advancements in each of the previous Worlds and lack of surviving records (or knowledge of the language in how these records are presented), it is nigh-impossible to learn more about esoteries. Primary users of esoteries are classified as Nano but are in no way the only beings capable of employing esoteries.

History[edit | edit source]

Since the beginning of the Ninth World, certain inhabitants have displayed strange abilities that bends the laws of nature in the vicinity of a Numenera. There are many speculations about how these people came about. Some says that they are blessed or cursed by the gods, others believe these individuals are infused with special hereditary genes spliced with unique nanomachines which is able to communicate directly with numeneras.

Depending on locales and customs, those capable of performing esoteries are either treated with reverence, respect, nonchalance, disdain or even outright hostility. Thus, most nanos prefer to hide their powers when travelling. Those that don't are either very powerful or short-lived.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Due to the large variety of numeneras, esoteries can be extremely versatile in the hands of an experienced and creative Nano. Esoteries have been known to be used for healing the sick, powering ancient automatons as labor, shielding entire populace from storms, locating fresh water source, logistics & transportation and etcetera.

Esoteries can also be used for more nefarious and destructive purposes as well. Sabotaging the power supply of a rival village, inducing madness in livestock, stealing from shopkeepers unseen and even laying waste to an entire area.

Casting[edit | edit source]

Nanos usually carry around with them the first piece of Numenera that awakened them to their powers. Ususally, such Numeneras act as a form of focus to perform esoteries. They might be mounted on a staff, worn as a talisman, set into a ring or embroidered onto a hat.

At certain locations, possibly with a large concentration of buried Numeneras, Nanos are able to sense and harness their powers. Such geographical reliant large-scale esoteries require similarly huge amount of focus and willpower to pull off. If the nano is able to find other nanos with compatible Numenera foci, they may share the mental load together to cast the esotery. These esoteries are likened to rituals and Numenera sites, leylines, in present day.

Myths[edit | edit source]

  • "Only living creatures can cast esoteries."
  • "Nanos require Numeneras to cast esoteries."
  • "You must be fully conscious to cast esoteries."
  • "Children can't cast esoteries."
  • "Animals are too stupid to cast esoteries."