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Erlertur is a uniquely-strange dimensional band that can be found at the Banded Bluff.

Background[edit | edit source]

Though this dimensional may seem only about a thousand feet thick from the outside, it's actually dozens of miles across from within. A visitor won't see a gradual ascent up the bluff, but instead what appears to be the side of some vast mountain. The sun never shines down upon Erlertur, with its only lighting provided by three moons that sail across its eternal night sky. Its major feature would have to be a city sprawled along the mountain's slope like some vast infection, filled with leaning towers, bruised domes, and lamps that burn with greenish light that line the winding streets.

The natives within said city are referred to as jenkels and speak a language that's similar to the Truth. Just like humans, jenkels possess 2 arms, 2 legs, and a single head. however, the rest of their visage consists of a head that's bestial and furred, which is thrust forward from the chest instead of atop the neck. Jenkels wear clothing and hoods, while color and fashion is something that appeals to them, black will usually serve their needs. The jenkels have become aware of the non-native explorers entering their realm from their unseen borders, all thanks to the expeditions led by Komara from the University of Doors. At first, the relations between auditors and jenkels were cordial. However, when Manizer stole a sacred relic from the jenkels, the auditors were blames and attacked. Only Manizer and Komara escapedby quickly ducking through a layer boundary.

Anyone who comes to Erlertur that could convince the natives that they aren't associated with the University would be shown a grudging hospitality. Otherwise, they would likely be imprisoned , and eventually put to death. Only by promising the return of their relic would their release even be considered.[1]

Auditors of Interest[edit | edit source]

Philosopher Restic[edit | edit source]

A jenkel by the name of Restic studies the "magic" that plotted out the boundary alongside entities that will sometimes seep into Erlertur. Before reaching his final conclusion, Restic described this line to his comrades as an area from which "thieving demons" can emerge. Many believe what he says, especially once the elder Head was snatched away. But ever since then, Restic has realized that the transdimensional phenomenon isn't supernatural at all (and thus not evil). Rather, it's a natural phenomenon that suggests a much wider continuum of existence. Now Restic seeks to bring the jenkels around to this new epiphany, but Mother Shratic stands in opposition.[2]

Mother Shratic[edit | edit source]

After Restic discovered the so-called "hole in the world" and its thieving demons, Mother Shratic realized her calling and gathered up acolytes to help spread the word and help defend Erlertur. Setting up watch along the identified line, She's become an idol for would-be demon hunters across Erlertur. But when Restic later renounced his earlier conclusion, Shratic began to face tough choices. But for the time being, at least, she strengthens the watch along the line wherever the walls of the world are at their thinnest, waiting for "thieves" to emerge.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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