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Ephremon is the largest city within the Ba-Adenu Forest.

Background[edit | edit source]

The large city of 20,000 people occupies many levels of the forest, from cave-like dwellings among the tree roots to nest-styled homes in the high canopies. A large circle of carefully tended ester trees creates a makeshift wall around Ephremon, and lookouts sit in well-fashioned tree rests to keep an eye on things inside and outside the city. A complicated system of risers, ladders, adn swings (all made from metal, synth, and wood) allow access to every level of the city.

Most inhabitants are agile and avid climbers, having learned at an early age how to move between the levels. However, visitors are likely to struggle and fall behind as they attempt to follow a native to any level beyond the ground.

Residents worship a creature call the Falgreen, which appears to the pious in the form of a floating young woman in a tattered black and green dress, with twigs for hair. The fiercely devout say that for the price of a child, the Falgreen will promise long life, but most people merely consider her to be a bringer of luck and a safety net during their travels among the treetops.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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