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The Endless Abode is an alternate dimension comprised of a large, never-ending structure. It is also the home of the Eleens.

Background[edit | edit source]

The learned are aware that some structures, much like Castle Sarrat, can grow over time. Sarrat, however, is nothing compared to a structure as large as the Endless Abode, which the legends say is a dimension of never-ending corridors, rooms, salons, galleries, and other enclosed spaces that goes on for an eternity. It might've been that it was once like Castle Sarrat, but that it ultimately grew into a dimension of its own making. If this is true, it explains why elements within it seem, at times, familiar to explorers. But the Endless abode has intersected many different planes of existence, some of which can be so bizarre as to strain comprehension. That sense of other is obviously to anyone that enters. Distant sounds like thunder can sometimes be heard, and corridors can shake as if unearthly forces move in unseen foundations.

The most straightforward way to get into the Endless abode is through the Quiet House that appears for brief periods in various locations across the Ninth World. If the PCs use the Quiet house to gain entry into the Endless Abode, they will appear inside a random , empty corridor, like in the Hallway of Possibility. The Crystal Ship might not even be capable of entering the Endless Abode at all.

Most rooms, stairs, and corridors within the Endless Abode are at a comfortable temperature and filled with breathable air. The biggest threat to survival, however, is getting lost. No matter how many precautions an explorer takes, like blazing marks in passage or using a string to track a path - there's a chaotic changeability to the Endless Abode that defies direction.

Flux Storm: About every 10 hours, the Endless Abode will reshuffle a portion of its interior in what's referred to as a "flux storm."if this happens to a PC - inhabited section of the Abode, the rumbling and shaking is considered to be a GM intrusion. The PCs might not even realize what's happening until they turn back and find themselves looking at a completely different set of rooms and corridors that they had just seen earlier. A character must succeed at a difficulty 4 Intellect defense roll to find a way back to familiar corridors. If they at all fail, the PCs will become lost with the Abode Finding a way out will require more exploration, seeking assistance, or utilizing any other means of escape.

Hunger in the Halls: The Hunger is sometimes heard as a distant howl echoing along empty corridors and dusty rooms. The threat is a level 7 manifestation of the Endless Abode itself that isn't friendly. Prey that can't escape the Hunger will usually perish in a horrific disaster of squeezing rooms and gnashing corridors, until only bloodstains are left behind. A manifestation of the Hunger usually steers clear of areas that are protected by special devices capable of stabilizing transdimensional energy, and areas where a symbol of an eye within a larger geometric design has been inscribed by eleens.[1]

Windows[edit | edit source]

Most rooms and corridors in the Endless Abode lack fenestrations. However, when windows do occur, they're best approached with caution, because they likely represent an intrusion on a dimension separate from the Abode, and often lead to a dimension where human life isn't supported or even possible. Sometimes, even peering through a window is dangerous. Generally speaking, if a window is passed by, so is any danger that's associated with it, though sometimes a toxic or otherwise anathemic dimension may leach into an area via a window, requiring a character to make a difficulty 5 Might defense roll or end up suffering 4 points of damage (ignoring Armor). But windows have two uses; smashing a window is one sure way to chase away a manifestation of the Hunger in the Halls, and jumping through a window is a sure way to exit into another dimension.[2]

Flora and Fauna[edit | edit source]

Some varieties of vermin that can be throughout the Endless abode are:

• Avedit - drating, green spiders that weave delicate but strong web structures across corridors.


• Automatons that pulled themselves loose from larger installations in side of rooms will wander around on occasion. they're usually seen as servants or even mounts by the eleens.[3]

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Quiet House

Hallway of Possibility

Ulenic City

• The Attic

Hearsay[edit | edit source]

Sacred Hunt:[edit | edit source]

An object on the latest list for a sacred hunt is described as a repair sphere. No one's ever been able to find one. An eleen competitor would pay much if one were to be found.

Illness:[edit | edit source]

A sickness released from a device in a newly discovered chamber killed an entire eleen band. Now other bands are getting sick. Special eleen scouts are being sent out try and find someone knowledgeable in healing before it's too late

Hungry Crawler:[edit | edit source]

A massive insect wanders the halls. It doesn't have any discernable scent, which means it kills ulenics at will. Ulenic City offers a great reward for proof of its demise.

Weird[edit | edit source]

Hunger:[edit | edit source]

Sometimes when the Hunger in the Halls manifests, it doesn't kill everything as its focus. Instead, many voices are heard speaking in an unknown language. They seem to be calling for help.

Cellar:[edit | edit source]

An eleen band claims that a room opposite from the Attic has been encountered, called the Cellar. The Cellar has its own version of the totoris, alongside its own automaton. But unlike Viandri, the Cellar's master is cruel and predatory, collecting trophies from its many victims.

Forever Corridor:[edit | edit source]

A corridor whose length seems to go on forever, without any doors or side chambers, is off the Room of Echoes. No one knows exactly what lies at the opposite end because no one who's tried to explore it has reached it yet.[4]

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