Encysted Tombs

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The Encysted Tombs are large relics that can be encountered all throughout New Yenth.

Background[edit | edit source]

All generally similar in appearance, the tombs themselves are basically cyclopian ziggurats of white stone that resist infiltration by insect grasses, vines, etc. The stair that jot their facades seem to be meant for creatures much larger than the average colrath and ascend to a structure that remains selaed, though with enough effort one can breach it. Within lies a shaft that drops into darkness. Most colrathi tend to avoid breaking through the seal as apparently crawling ones tend to lair in the spaces beyond them.

Those explorers brave and willing enough to interact with said crawling ones and explore below will discover vast and hollow chambers, each many miles across. After supposedly dealing with any crawling ones, they'll eventually be able to discover what seems to be serried ranks of massive tombs, forged from the same white material as the external structure, and each being over 20 ft. long. What lies within each of them are corpses made from disturbingly convoluted inhuman carapaces as well as dust.[1]

Each tomb holds different sigils carved along their fronts. They might be names or could mean something entirely different, seeing as how the colrathi can't really translate them. Crawling ones that reside within the Encysted Tombs refer to such structures as "avatars" instead of tombs, further insisting that the bodies within aren't dead but simply in stasis, waiting to be revitalized.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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