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The Empty Machine is a mysterious structure within the Plains of Kataru.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the vast fields east of the Black Riage but west of the Dessanedi fields that have no name, you can find the Empty Machine. It's easy to do - you can see it from miles away because the large machine stands out among the flat fields. It resembles a wide spear point that fell from the heavens and plunged into the earth.

The lower portion of the machine is a scarred shell of metal, and the upper part is a strange tangle of twisting cylinders, globes, tubes, and things that don't have a name in the Ninth World. The entire machine raises 600 ft. into the air, and the widest point - itself 200 ft. above the ground - is about 800 ft. across.

Huge hatchways hang open in various parts of the edifice, and people have cut or blasted entrances and exits in other areas. The interior is a maze that stretches throughout the machine, seeming to follow little pattern or logic. Tiny corridors lead to enormous echoing chambers, wide access tubes lead nowhere, and everywhere you explore, you find - nothing.

At least, mostly nothing. The interior of the machine seems to have no moving parts, no mechanisms, and no controls. None of the rooms give hint of their original use, if any. But the Empty Machine is no longer empty because it's been inhabited by various creatures and people over the years, each trying to lay claim to all or part of the structure, always with mixed results.

Notably, a few years back, the Empty Machine was the home of a large tribe of hideous, four-armed abhumans called the dzaal. After they committed many atrocities upon nearby villages, the local folk hired the Triad of Thirst - a group consisting of a powerful Glaive and two Nanos - to end the raids. Through methods that still remain mysterious, these three champions eliminated the dzaal. If any of the creatures remain, it would come as a surprise to the locals, for none have been seen since that day.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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