Eblisheth Mine

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Eblisheth Mine is a mine located within the eponymous cerebral husk of the realm Celerillion.

Background[edit | edit source]

How can mines exist in a realm without physical reality? It's true, they're rare, but some cerebral husks are good for more than providing conception jewels and psychic seeds. Some yield strange concepts. This is true for the husk called Eblisheth, where a material called silver logic can be found.

Silver logic is mined like any traditional ore in a standard dimension, and as such must be refined. However, refining the material is an act of applied conceptual creation, which produces silver logic ingots. Once transported to a fortress, silver logic material can be fashioned via conceptual creation into anything. Objects or even creatures created using silver logic are permanent. By far the largest demand for silver logic is from the Crown Fortress.

The boss of the mine is a tonbrium Hunter named Carlin. Carlin is a cruel taskmaster for his miners, some of which consist of tonbrium insurgents. Several of the miners are natives of Earth that stumbled through the door in the Black Riage. These captives are kept drugged, so that they exist in a hazy state where their imagination is limited only to the tasks given to them. This prevents captives both from escaping by conceptual creation, and from killing themselves by accident. 5 other Hunters aid Carlin at any given time.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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