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The Dothin are a humanoid species native to the plane of Panaton.

Appearance and Traits[edit | edit source]

Dothin are tall, hairy creatures with long face and large eyes. Individuals mark themselves with dyes and braids - the more braids and the brighter and more elaborate the dyes, the more honor and prestige an individual possesses.

Society and Culture[edit | edit source]

The dothin live amidst the ruins of their dead masters, an advanced civilization known as the time adepts, though they don't know it. They regard the artifacts and ruins of vanished time adepts as taboo, especially anything made from roseate crystal, which apparently was the time adept's preferred construction material.

The dothin are hunter gatherers, for the most part, though some do raise plantlife. Their preferred crop is epola, from which epola juice is made from small berries. The juice is, in turn, fermented and distilled into epola wine. Anyone who drinks epola wine will gain an asset in all tasks related to temporal anomalies for up to an hour, though if consumed to excess, the wine will result in drunkenness.

In the variable time of Panaton, dothin have learned to coordinate their time states with relative ease. In each community there is an honored individual called the Reference. The Reference dyes its hair gold and red stripes so all can mark it easily. The reference has a better than average control over their own time state, and is able to maintain a sequential time frame even when under stress,

The dothin's myths describe the time adepts, who made their worlds and whom also ended up fracturing time. They believe that once upon a time, all creatures in Panaton lived inside an innocent state, where time was always sequential. But the time depts. meddled too much, trying to become the masters of the universe, and ultimately fractured temporal continuity. For their trouble, a temporal causal loop excised them completely from existence. So even the dothin are conversant and able to live within Panaton, they don't seek time adept knowledge. With the appearance of the Thexx, who seem to want exactly the opposite, dothin have started stockpiling arms and armor, just incase they must put a stop to more meddlers that could risk yet another fracture in time.

Dothin live within extended packs led by the most esteemed mated pair. Sometimes, the Reference is one of the mated leaders, other times, however, it's a separate individual who works with leaders or, among more contentious packs, against them.

The dothin are immediately suspicious that newly encountered dimension walkers actually may represent a temporal echo of dead time adepts. Convincing the dothin of the opposite is likely the only way visitors will gain cooperation with a dothin pack and , in worst case scenarios, avoid being attacked.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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