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Delormi (also referred to as the "City at the Center") is a settlement at the center of the Island of Undoing

Background[edit | edit source]

Despite its nickname, Delormi is technically a village in terms of scope, only holding about 500 or so inhabitants. When the island closes up at night, the city lies right at the center of the metal "bloom."

The town is governed by a face-dancing mutant man by the name of Banurno, and is mostly composed of people who were unlucky enough to get lured in by the island and found some way to survive on its surface. Banurno is known to be a good leader, able keep others from panicking and very skilled at finding ways for everyone to use their talents to help improve life within the village. Get close enough to him, and one will learn that he used to be part of a cult called the Jagged Dream. Burdler, Banurno's right-hand woman, is also a mutant, and is one with the ability to sense numenera. Short and extremely thin in build, she spends most of her time fitting into tiny crevices to retrieve things that her abilities have detected.

The twin sisters Myph and Matese are most likely the ones responsible for the town's prosperity. Looking identical thanks to their shorn heads, magenta-dyed attire, and tool-gloves, the two work together and can turn almost anything into a healing device to some degree. Their specialty creation, however, is their garnet tea, an oily red liquid full of nanites that one sucks from a special device. The tea and device, of course, cost 10 shins, with refills costing an additional 2 shins. The tea has the ability to restore 2 points of Might per day for a total of 3 consecutive days.[1]

The Tower of Life[edit | edit source]

Being one of Delormi more prominent features, this structure rises above the ground nearly 25 ft. into the air and is about 5 ft. in diameter. The tower appears to be made mainly from fabric, though strands of it seem to be sewn from blue lightning that runs in-between. The tower may seem to be as old as the island, but no one knows for sure when it was actually built. It for some odd reason draws people to it. By the time Banurno had arrived, there were people already living its periphery.

The machine thumps quietly throughout the night, vibrating the ground around violently for up to a hundred feet in diameter. However, those who lie within said range of it appear immune to the island's vampiric ability. As a result, many of the city's inhabitants fight over what they consider to be their "vibe rights," hoping to keep within range of the tower despite all the shaking. Many of these homes, similar to the tower which they surround, are also built from fabric with blue lightning sown between strands. While similar, they lack the same exact configuration. While many of the residents have tried to replicate the machine's powers with them, they still don't prevent the loss of health.

A large, metal wall, topped with bits of metal cut into points, is known to surround the city borders, keeping away the island's many deadly fauna. The only gate that permits entry into the town itself is constantly watched over by 2 guards at all times. No one is allowed inside unless they provide some kind of offering, usually a piece of the island or even an item that could be used to create some healing or otherwise protective device.[2]

Carrils[edit | edit source]

Just recently, a small cult of worshipers have emerged from outside the city walls. They call themselves the Carrils and believe that the island is the voice of their god, believing also that it asks for a bit of their health as penance for their past wrongdoings and as a show of their faith. Many believe that when this deity has taken all it can from them, that they will be lifted from the farthest edges of the petals once it closes, and remain their forever.

A few pf their number originally resided within Delormi, but the vast majority are comprised of a crew from a ship that wrecked on a the island a few years prior. The ship in question had set sail from a port town called Glavis to try and spread its original gods, Relia and Bianes across the Ninth World. Their shipwreck killed most of the crew, and caused the survivors to lose their faith. When the current leader of the Carills, Tiass, had come across them, they were already eager to believe in something else. Tiass is a strong, fierce-headed woman with red hair who refuses to discuss her life prior to her arrival on the island, but is trying to find a means to pierce Delormi's metal wall and destroy the machine within. According to Tiass, the island has told her that those that live within Delormi are nothing more than blasphemers.[3]

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