Cromulus Ranks

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Cromulus legion.png

The Cromulus Ranks are a geological feature within the Divided Seas region.

Background[edit | edit source]

From far away there appears to be a small mountain range on the southwestern shore of the Sere Marica. Getting closer, you can see the peaks, while extraordinarily steep, are also extraordinarily regular. Thus, they're called the Cromulus Ranks, named for a long-dead warlord who forced his troops to maintain perfect marching formations at all times.

Cromulus led his armies on a trail of conquest throughout the southern regions of the Beyond more than 80 years ago. Due to his depravations in the villages and towns that he conquered, a surprising number of people in that region can correctly claim to be his descendants.

The peaks aren't mountains at all, but rows of pyramidal structures, each 2,000 ft. across at the base and more than 1 mile high. Over time, enough sediment and erosion has occurred that the once-white pyramids can pass for weird mountains. In places, vegetation even grows on them.

These ancient edifices are buildings with hundreds of interior levels, each with enough space to house hundreds of thousands of people, although the original builders and inhabitants might not have been human. Artifacts and cyphers are found within, but gaining entrance to any of the peaks is difficult.

Some of the pyramids rise out of the water at the edge of the sea. These peaks, in particular, teem with vegetation, nesting birds, and other life.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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