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The Convergence is an organization whose purposes oppose those of the Aeon Priests. They seek to use the Numenera for their own, personal gain.

Description[edit | edit source]

If the Order of Truth has an opposite, it would be the Convergence. Like the Aeon Priest, the members of the Convergence revere the knowledge of the past, but they seek to use it to grant power to themselves, not to help others. Each member wishes to use the numenera to gain influence no only over the people of the Ninth World but also over the universe itself. They understand enough of the numenera to realize that it has more potential than most Aeon Priests know. Matter, energy, space, time, and even the laws of physics can be shaped to their will if they determine the means. In this pursuit, they're ruthless, using coercion, deceit, and even violence to get what they want. They let nothing stand in their way.

A rather small organization, the Convergence boasts a membership of about one hundred men and women, but with underlings, slaves, and lackeys, the total number is easily ten times higher. Many members are Nanos, and some are Aeon Priests who've renounced their order. All, however, are scholars, tinkerers, machinesmiths, and theorists who understand the numenera.

Members of the Convergence are called magister or magistrix. Each typically wields an array of numenera weaponry and devices. Most have given up on society at large and dwell in secret, whether alone or in small groups, toiling at their dark goals. The Convergence has three main bases of operation, which they call their sanctums: the Scorpion Sanctum, the Empty Sanctum, and the Golden Sanctum. Each is joined to the others by a series of space-bending gateways. About one-third of the organization operates directly out of these sanctums.

New Members are inducted in one of the three sanctums. A candidate must have a sponsor already in the Convergence, must be extremely intelligent, and must be utterly remorseless in the pursuit of ultimate power - morals and ethics be damned.[1]

Members of Note[edit | edit source]

Convergence members of note are magisters and magistrixes. Though each has a unique qualities, they also share many things in common.

Convergence Magister/Magistrix:[edit | edit source]

Convergence magisters and magistrixes typically wear hooded robes and a heavy medallion bearing their eye-like symbol. Members are driven people, and usually of the opinion that the ends justify the means, and those ends are the attainment of personal power and knowledge. Mostly, they're power mad and ruthless in their pursuits. Some are more than willing to talk, barter, or negotiate. Few actually enjoy conflict. But if conflict is called for, most carry an artifact called a terrorizer that wracks living targets with incredible pain.

Membership Benefits[edit | edit source]

Symbol:[edit | edit source]

Entwined Eye

Motto:[edit | edit source]

Exploit the past for personal power

Badge of Membership:[edit | edit source]

Pin, amulet, or tattoo of symbol

Member Benefits:[edit | edit source]

In lieu of taking a new skill, members can derive a benefit from their prolonged exposure to reality - and mind-bending technologies and bizarre mental techniques. This benefit grants the member 3 points of a special form of Armor that protects against (only) intellect damage.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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