Compass of the Navigator

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Compass of the Navigator
Torment Item Icon 045.png
General data
ValueIcon shins.png 860

Compass of the Navigator is a Oddity of equipment in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

This synth device appears to be a compass of some sorts, runes and eye-twisting markings lining its edges. The compass arrow swings in seemingly random directions, as if it were trying to steer you. This item fits the description of a legendary item supposedly bestowed upon "the son of the Ocean God", and lost in his pursuit of other powerful artifacts to the darkest depths of the Oceans. It washed upon the jagged shores of a small island where the scholar Kistilan studied ancient texts and wrote both works of prose and powerful esoteries. Kistilan discerned it gave the wearer several augmented abilities to move through the air, water, and woods at hastened speeds and with keen sense of a desired objective. After years of study, he unlocked the abilities of the device, and became known a master of teleportation, transmutation, and augmentation esoteries beyond the ken of any of his rivals. And this was his downfall - he became too confident and boisterous in his travels, fearing no natural or magical impediment. On a bet with a nemesis, he wagered he could cross through a maelstrom that was passing over the Garravia Sound. He failed, and the compass sank with him to the center of the Sound. If this is indeed the device in question, its massive powers have been used up by Kistilan. Recharging the device should be theoretically possible, but would require a power source of such massive capacity that it is unlikely to exist on the Ninth World.

Location[edit | edit source]