Citadel of the Watchers

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The Citadel of the Watchers is a large, colrathi fortress in the realm of New Yenth.

Background[edit | edit source]

The colrathi order of the Watchers constantly maintains a citadel forged from local, quarried stone. The citadel itself lies along one edge of a lycidaris infestastion called the Shrouded Kingdom. Unlike other colrathi settlements throughout New Yenth, there's a definite hierarchy among the Watchers. The lord of the Watchers commands a staff of Senior Watchers, who in turn command a company of regular Watcher soldiers. These soldiers wield mandible swords and stinging ranged weapons, but special groups are also equipped with cyphers and artifacts uncovered from the Encysted Tombs. Other squadrons will ride special flying mounts called therunds. A therund is a long, thin insect with double wings that's capable of carrying up to 4 passengers at once when wearing a specifically-fitted flying saddle.

A single observation tower rises high above the walls, looking directly into the Shrouded Kingdom using special amber lenses. The observation tower is linked to a series of similar towers that surround the Shrouded Kingdom. The link is a visual one, and soldiers will use flashing lights to send over encoded messages from tower to tower. If a message fails to come on schedule or if an incursion is reported, soldiers riding therunds will be dispatched immediately to the location, while ground-based troops sally from the gates.

For the most part, lycidarises have been contained in their numbers, though there have been some close calls. The Watchers believe that the lycidarises have some alternative method of spreading around, possibly by stepping sideways into parallel realities. Recently, the Watchers have been trying to determine where or not there's any truth to this speculation by sending spies into the Shrouded Kingdom to investigate. So far, unfortunately, none of returned.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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