Citadel of the Iron Saint

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The Citadel of the Iron Saint is a dark and mysterious structure in Matheunis.

Background[edit | edit source]

A tall, rocky precipice provides a perch for a dark castle known as the Citadel of the Iron Saint. Its inhabitants are anything but saints, however. A second, numenera citadel floats next to the castle, tethered by castle and guy wires.

The Soul Court is a group of five individuals, none of whom lives in the citadel full time. They hail from throughout the Ninth World. When the members meet in the castle, they use an extraordinary artifact to tap into the power of ancient structure. It allows them to send their conscious minds throughout the world, inhabiting the bodies of whomever they come across. They experience the world through the senses of their hosts and completely control the hosts' actions. If their unwilling host dies, is grievously harmed, or otherwise ceases to be useful or entertaining, they simply move on to the next available body. Although it's possible that a few members of the Soul Court use this power in the service of their own goals, for the most part, they simply relish in the dark entertainment of it.

Few people know of the the Citadel of the Iron Saint, and even fewer realize that the Soul Court exists. If the members were discovered, they could be slain easily while in the trance-like state they enter while possessing other bodies.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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