Citadel of Watching

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The Citadel of Watching is a fortified complex within the glacier of Niress.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tunneled close to Nalranin's location deep inside the icedrift, the citadel emits a glow that's detectable through the translucent ice for miles.Near the dry tunnels that lead to Nalranin, a couple watery passages lead to entrance of the Citadel of Watching. Inside the Citadel are housed more than a 100 omath rangers, alongside swiveling weapon turrets made from metallic ice, each capable of firing a volley of up to 10 homing missiles. Anyone hit by them suffer a blast of concentrated light that inflicts 10 points of damage if directly struck and 3 points of damage even if indirectly struck by them. The targets are also rendered blinded for 2 rounds thereafter.

The citadel is run by a female omath ranger named Dellerda, who bears an insignia stamped onto his carapace in the form of a relief-shaped cross that glows red. She's known for hating the vuluns so much, she secretly wishes for all the vuluns guardians around Nalranin to be wiped out, so that the omaths can connect with the machine more directly. Dellerda also offers a bounty of cyphers to those who can render the vulun inoperable - or even find a means to do so.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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