Castle Sarrat

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Castle Sarrat is a mysterious structure that lies in Draolis.

Background[edit | edit source]

Seventy years ago, the wealthy, powerful Horges family claimed an ancient structure as their own and made it their home. The Horges found most of the building empty, but it had devices that could create edible food for hundreds of people at a time, enough to support not just the family but their entire estate and large retinue of servants. Stranger still, once they moved into their new "castle", it began to grow. Increasing mainly in height, Castle Sarrat is now almost 600 ft. tall and still growing. Walls, floors, support structures, and more develop at a rapid pace - castle doesn't grow slowly but in fits and starts. In mere moments, a new chamber, hallway, or entire level appears.

Speculation is that the new portions of the castle are built through a process that converts air around the structure into metal, synth, and glass. However, no one knows how or why it's happening.

Castle Sarrat has claimed the life of at least one member of the Horges family by growing in an inopportune time and place, visitors would be wise to watch their step.

Naranial Horges, the head of the family, is a renowned swordsman. He's a quiet, imperious man with grey muttonchops and a bejeweled eye patch.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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