Castle Aventur

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Castle Aventur is an important structure in Draolis.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the Central part of the kingdom lies the unassuming castle of Anatrea, a noblewomen who has traceries of light running just beneath her skin in elaborate patterns. Despite her skill as a warrior, Anatrea has a fascination with the numenera and dreams of one day fusing herslef entirely with a machine, ascending to a type of godhood, as she believes the people of the past aeons once did. To this end, she hosts scholars and Nanos performing experiments to delve into numenera secrets. Her castle, Aventur, hides a network of secret underground laboratories and workshops for a variety of projects.

The Windriders[edit | edit source]

The two most successful scholar/technicians are Thereni and Poulla. They've mastered the process of creating self-propelled gliders called windriders - extremely fast, one-person flying vehicles that are challenging to ride and control.

The Draolis military already uses windriders as scouts, but General Demiric hopes to employ them in great numbers one day, attacking foes from above in waves. Thereni and Poulla don't have the means to produce windriders in such quantities; some of the parts and materials required are rare.

A windrider can be purchased for 8,000 shins, but demand is high, and the waiting list is long. Anatrea and her personal guard ensure that no one attempts to take advantage of the inventors under her protection.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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