Bottomless Sea

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The Bottomless Sea is a large body of water within the Explorable Region of the Gloaming.

Background[edit | edit source]

Serving as a literal hole in the disk that is the Gloaming, the Bottomless Sea is a sure fire way of getting quickly to the other side of the disk. However, from either side, it's still many miles in depth. Travelers who wish to venture through to the other side will require devices that provide air as well as protection against the intense pressures. Halfway through the sea, there's an observable shift in gravity for its inhabitants.

The Bottomless Sea is also home to the Nivm, an intelligent race of large sea snakes who're considered to be part of the Confederation of Iltegu. Close to the shores are submerged caves which covet their main city, known as Lerrin. While many fear it, some of the nivm have claimed to have reached the so-called "Deep Side of the Sea". While Lerrim's population is predominantly nivm, some other species also reside within the city, mostly working in tandem with the former to construct either a vessel or process that would allow any non-nivm to venture into the Deep Side of the Sea. Their leader is an asymmetrical being with a bulbous body spindly, twisted legs, and multiple tendril-like arms, named Uthur. Unfortunately, they've all made little to no progess so far on their plans, and probably won't for many, many years, unless someone who was skilled enough with the numenera (or even knew enough about it) could help them out.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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