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Boreg is a northern city in Malevich.

Background[edit | edit source]

Boreg sits on the southern banks of the mighty Wyr. Fishers and merchants who use the river make up a significant portion of the city's 12,000 people.

Overlooking both the city and the river, high atop the red bluffs, is Castle Dval, home of Lady Vount. This noble is frequently known as the Queen of River pirates, or sometimes as the Robber Baroness. She wields her scepter, an infamous numenera artifact known as the Despoiler, which she uses to fuse the bodies of men with dangerous river fish to craft and command an army that blocks travel down the Wyr for those who don't pay her exorbitant tolls. The council in Draolis threatens to take action against Lady Vount if the regent of Malevich doesn't stop her depredations, but so far no one on either side of the Wyr has moved against her.

South of Boreg stands an ancient edifice called the Wall of Erenyn. This curved metal wall is 3 ft. thick, reaches a height of 15 ft., and stretches more than a 100 ft. in length. It shimmers with a cascade of colors and shapes. Occasionally, the wall shows comprehensible imagery, and many believe that it foretells the future, prophesies or conveys vital secrets to those who need to know. Spending to long in the vicinity of the wall, however, can make people ill, sometimes to the point of death, so visits are usually short.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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