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Bodrov is a city in the Kingdom of Navarene.

Background[edit | edit source]

Another of Navarene's cities, Bodrov is uniquely defensible. It lies atop an impossible sort of plateau - in fact, the word plateau almost seems inappropriate. Designed and sculpted by the ancients, the rock formation is more than 500 ft. high and 800 ft. across at the top, but only 100 ft. across at the base. It resembles a round table with one central leg and is sometimes called Table Rock (although, most often, simply Bodrov). A winding path curls up around the base and enters the rock just below the wide top portion. The path into the city leads through a series of artificial caverns and tunnels, which can be sealed at many points.

In fact, the entire base is honeycombed with both caves and tunnels, many of which have never been completely explored. Many of these interior spaces, as well as the top of the perfectly flat rock formation, hold the remnants of machines and construction from the distant past. It's speculated that the interior foundation of the entirety of Bodrov might be metal, with the stone appearance having been added later, intentionally or otherwise (depending on the true age of the original structure).

Sometimes the defense of Bodrov works against it. Just as it's difficult to imagine an invading army or other danger gaining entrance, so too is it difficult to bring supplies into the city. Food, water, and other goods must be transported up the long path around and through the base and into the city, making Bodrov an impractical place to live. Thus, the population is only about 1,000 people, even though the city could easily house ten times that many, and once did. Buildings - some ancient, some merely old - stand empty, left over from the prior epochs of the world or simply from a time, perhaps a hundred years ago, when people believed that Bodrov would be a city of great importance.

The Vacant Palace is the home away from home of Queen Armalu, although, as its name suggests, she has never been there. It was built for her more than a hundred years ago by an ignorant but well-intentioned suitor who argued that in times of war or other calamity, the queen should come to Bodrov. Wise of him, and yet foolish, for he didn't realize how truly committed she was to never leaving her chambers in Epiternal House. The suitor is now long gone, but his estate still manages the palace for the queen, as per the wishes in his last will and testament.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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