Bloom Bone Shard

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Bloom Bone Shard
Torment Item Icon 300.png
TypeMelee Medium Artifact
Damage3 Physical
4 Chemical damage
+3 damage per Effort applies, max +15
On critical hits target is Controlled for 1 round
Icon Speed small.png Speed
ShinsIcon shins.png 137

Bloom Bone Shard is a Melee Medium Artifact weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

The blade of this dagger was harvested from one of the Bloom's "teeth," fashioned into a crude-looking but effective weapon. A fragment of the Bloom's mind still persists inside the shard. In addition to its slashing damage, it can also penetrate the mind of your opponent, lessening prowess in combat. When you hold it to your ear you hear odd, disturbing whispers from the Bloom, sending an involuntary shudder through your spine.

Location[edit | edit source]