Bloom-flesh Armor

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Bloom-flesh Armor
Torment Item Icon 368.png
General data
Effect+7 Icon Armor.png Armor
+5 Icon Resistance.png Resistance
-3 to Icon Might small.png Might and Icon Speed small.png Speed
-15% on Esotery attacks
At the start of each turn, the nearest enemy is latched on to by a Bloom tentacle, dealing 6 Transdimensional damage and healing the wearer for 6 health points
ValueIcon shins.png 807

Bloom-flesh Armor is a piece of equipment in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

Fashioned from the flesh of the Bloom, this armor is very much alive. It is, perhaps, the elder Sundermun's masterwork. The thick flesh offers excellent physical protection, while its transdimensional nature protects the wearer against more exotic attacks. In the center of the chest is a tiny Maw, though you're not sure where it leads. The living flesh is tough and resistant to manipulation, making the armor difficult to put on. However, once it is worn for a time, it shapes itself to your form, becoming as familiar as your own skin. The sensation is comforting, even if the notion is not.

Location[edit | edit source]