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Beoth is the parallel incarnation of the city of Beoth for the Whispering World.

Background[edit | edit source]

Beoth was already suffering from a plague called the "toothless bile" when a completely new kind of illness swept through the city like a torrent, leaving whispers in its wake. In the ensuing aftermath, the toothless bile was no longer a concern, though that's hardly a consolation to Sister Tevera. Sister Tevera is the leader of the twenty survivors still sheltering in Beoth, specifically within the temple of the Old Ways. For some reason, whisper's don't pass the edge of the crater that surrounds the temple, and the thick walls prevent those inside from hearing the trigger phrase passing whispers sometimes shout from the periphery.

Tevera teachers her followers that the whispers are a result of the Aeon Priests' meddling with magic and demons that they should've left alone. She believes this so fiercely that the single aeon priest that joined her within the temple a man named Malegran - was ejected for his crimes against the world. A few days later, Malegran returned as a whisper, to stand at the edge of the crater like all the rest. But unlike the other whispers, Malegran still remains instead of wandering off, as if some memory drives him to locate those who cast him out.

Sister Tevera will welcome newcomers to the temple, but only as long as they agree to be baptized in the name of the Stargod, and so long as none of them are Nanos or Aeon Priests. (Although she may at first accept such, she'll later demand that they be sacrificed to appease the Stargod.) Baptism consists of having Earth quarried from the crater poured over one's head and the memorization of a few short prayers to an entity called the Stargod. Those who choose to resist will be met with Sister Tevera's bodyguard, Baraxis, who seems immune to the whisper's trigger phrase. Sister Tevera believes it's due to his faith in the Stargod, but before he was thrown out, Malegran had hypothesized that it had something to do with the metallic sheen covering his skin.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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