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Beoth is a city near the Wyr river in Draolis.

Background[edit | edit source]

Beoth was a holy city of self-proclaimed soothsayers and miracle workers, but their supposed prescience wasn't enough to warn them of the plague that stuck a bit more than a year ago. In that short time, a third of the city's 14,000 people died or became ill enough to take to their beds.

Aeon priests struggle to come up with a cure for the plague, so far to no avail. The people of Beoth have named it the "toothless bile" because of one of the first symptoms is that the victim's teeth begin to fall out. By that point, however, it's far too late, and the victim is likely to die within a week.

Arch of Illness[edit | edit source]

Although they don't have a cure, the Aeon priests in the city have fashioned a device they call the Arch of Illness, a cobbled free-standing arch about 10 ft. across, it glows whenever someone with toothless bile passes through it. Newcomers routinely pass through the arch on their way in and out of the city, but some worried residents also use the arch to check their health every day.

People of Interest[edit | edit source]

• Malegran, the ranking Aeon priest in Beoth, focuses night and day on ending the plague. He's tall and relatively young , with an angular face. Aeon Priests weren't common in Beoth before the coming of the illness, so he and his compatriots have taken up residence in what used to be the city's great gathering hall. For a year now, the hall has been used as a hospital.

• Sister Tevera is a priestess of the so-called "Old Ways," also known as the cult of Nauz, the Stargod. The Stargod is a deity revered by the people here for hundreds of years, ever since a falling star crashed in Beoth and people claimed hey saw a gigantic, human-looking spirit rise from the crater. Now the temple of the Old Ways stands at the site of the holy crater.

When the mayor of the city died three moths ago with no apparent successor, many looked to Sister Tevera to lead them. Although she's an excellent speaker, Tevera doesn't have the experience to run Beoth. She also opposes the Aeon Priests at every turn, making their work more difficult.

Sister Tevera's bodyguard and henchman Baraxis is an interesting sight. A metallic sheen covers his skin, with dull matte webs interlacing at the extremities. Faint cross-hatching can be seen even across his irises and pupils. The metal flesh has been a part of Baraxis since birth - it's an organic feature of mysterious origin.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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