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Beneath refers to what lies underneath that flower-like structure that dominates the Island of Undoing.

Background[edit | edit source]

There's a great amount of large, circular doors that dot the landscape of the Island of Undoing, causing many to believe that they lead to whatever lies underneath its metal blossom. Unfortunately, the doors lack any visible handles or locks, instead bearing 3 odd symbols, similar to ones found on the bellies of cephaleen spiders. This resemblance is far from any coincidence however, as anyone who's been bit by one of the arachnids and whose bite mark has shifted to resemble those symbols is actually able to unlock these portal, simply by pressing the affected flesh against it.

Beyond these doors are long, square-shaped tunnels with metallic walls, ceilings, and roofs approximately 20 ft. wide, mostly appearing undisturbed for years. Each of these tunnels can also open into chambers of a variety of sizes and shapes, and seem to be endless in amount. As a result of its labyrinthine behavior, the complex has collected its fair share of abandoned belonging and skeletons of those who never found their way out.

In addition, some fauna also lurk throughout these corridors, probably due in part to the fact that the energy drain doesn't work down there. Of course, even if it were to find its way in, it wouldn't stay long or else, like human visitors, it would end up getting lost and die. Such fauna may consist of long-winged bats, non-aggressive insect eaters that fly through the darkness in dozens, though their blazing exhale can light hair and clothing on fire. They actually use this fire for directional guidance, so its best not to come across one that lost or the entire area might be set ablaze. Then their are blind canines, that travels in packs of 3-4, hunting dirshmice alongside the aforementioned bats. Pitch black in coating with 4 white eyes each, these silent but deadly predators, sometimes referred to respectively as "shadow dogs," can flatten themselves close to the ground in spring up at their prey from beneath at great speed with either their claws or jaws. The corridors are their preferred hunting grounds.

Lastly, there are also automatons about the size and shape of tumbleweeds, consequently being referred to as "tumbletons." They zip across the corridors for some unknown purpose. IT's pointless to pursue one however, as they easily retrace their steps, disappear, reappear, and release chemical clouds in their wake. It should be noted that any inactive automatons can be used for some interesting spare parts.

Overall, this labyrinth is filled with the sounds of running water, even though the air seems to be dry. In fact, dying of thirst is just as much an issue as dying from any of the monsters mentioned above.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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