Beads of Time Neverending

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Beads of Time Neverending
Torment Item Icon 334.png
General data
TypeOrnament (Artifact)
EffectHaste (Confers Hastened (+50% Movement Speed, +15% Evasion, +15% on attacks).)
ValueIcon shins.png 245

Beads of Time Neverending is a Ornament (Artifact) in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

This gorgeous artifact is made of several beads of various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, all strung to a fine platinum chain. The individual beads shift constantly from one material form to another, spinning quickly around the chain. The artifact is light in your hand, nearly weightless. By rapidly spinning certain beads simultaneously, the device's temporal energy can be redirected into a target for a powerful restorative effect.

Hidden Inscription: "Kales Tay Riles" -

Perception: Specialized: A group of three larger beads have each been engraved in a small but beautiful script. On the first, currently a faceted green emerald with sharp edges, you see the word "Kales." On the second beads, slightly smaller than the first and made of thin fragile glass tinted a pinkish hue, you see the word "Tay." The third and smallest bead in this group is currently in the form of a pliable silver metal, easily reshaped between your fingers, and on it the engraving "Riles."

Lore: Mystical: Trained: This device was long held by a devoted nano who hoped his research would enable him to protect those he loved. His only definite conclusion was that this type of charm would most likely have been worn around the ankle.

Location[edit | edit source]

  • Order of Truth: Solve the Sphere puzzle by using the 2/1/3/3/5/4/4/5/1/2 combination.