Ausren Woods

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The Ausren Woods are a colorful locale in the Plains of Kataru.

Background[edit | edit source]

Day 12 The woods really are the queer purple color that I was told. The trees don't look particularly strange in any other way. But the leaves and even the bark range from a bluish-red to a deep violet. The branches are alive with birds of all kinds and colors. I almost expected them to be purple as well, but none are.

Day 14 The fruit of these trees is delightful. I am already wondering if i can carry a sack of them back with me to Uxphon. I think Eilla could make some extraordinary wine from these.

Day 15 I feel unwell, but I plan to leave for home tomorrow nevertheless.

Day 16 Too sick to leave today.

Day 17 Still very ill. I can't help but notice that none of the wildlife eats the fruit of the trees. My gut is covered in bruise-like sores, very tender to the touch.

Day 19 The sores on my gut have formed distinct growths. I can barely stand. The food I brought with me is gone. Only the purple fruit to eat. Despite the pain in my stomach, I am filled with hunger.

Day 20 The growths are... longer. I cannot move except to crawl, and barely that.

Day 22 Dear lords of my ancestors, help me. The growths, as long as serpents, have begun to burrow into the soil around me. I tried to cut one of them, but the pain increased beyond that which I could stand. Still so weak. Tomorrow I will try again.

~ Here the journal of Temallis Crost ends.

The Ausren Woods are a large forest of purple trees that grow nowhere else. Don't eat the fruit of these trees.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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