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The Augury is a structure that controls the flow of time in the realm of Panaton.

Background[edit | edit source]

On an empty plain where nothing grows, a white synth structure stands alone. Within lies the Augury, an entity composed of three, 6 ft. in diameter crystal orbs orbiting an empty space. Similar to the Anthelid, the Augury is a device that can manipulate time. But unlike the Anthelid, the Augury is a conscious automaton with motivations of its own, however, mysterious those may be. It speaks most languages, including the Truth.

The Augury allows the dothin into its presence, but rarely any Thexx. It might allow dimension walkers through, though, if it has a use for them, or if said dimension walkers insist that they need knowledge or aid that only the Augury can provide. For its part, the Augury can sift both time and dimension observing events and drawing conclusions. The Augury can answer any question, regardless of difficulty. The uncertainty is whether or not it chooses to answer truthfully, or twists the truth to achieve its own ends. It never does explain its ends, but the Thexx of Time Vault 33 believe the Augury's purpose has nothing to do with the time adepts, safeguarding Panaton, or anything similar, though it sometimes acts as if those topics concern it. Instead, they believe that the Augury is no more than a monitor set in place by beings native to a barren, nameless dimension.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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