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Attractor is an ancient starship that's held within the underwater city of Minifera.

Background[edit | edit source]

Several naiadans, as well as those from the Myessach Assembly Dome, know a thing or two about the Attractor, with exception of why it was even called by that name. Aside from the fact that it's an artifact from a Prior World, scholars from Minifera believe that the revered ancestors of the naiadan population, the Proto-Naiadans were responsible for the power lines that plug straight into the submerged device. It was said that it was they who, being more knowledgeable in the workings of the machine than their distant descendants, chose to call it the "Attractor". Just this information alone is enough for the current citizenry to continue suckling its power instead of unearthing it for more information, believing it to be the "wisest" course of action for them.

In Reality, however, the Attractor is a spacefaring vessel that was held in temporal stasis for many years, not native to the Earth. The Proto-Naiadans were aware of this fact, but that information has since been lost to time. It's contained within a massive stasis field that, over thousands of years, has begun malfunctioning, creating a "wobble" that's responsible for the increased presence of gravity storms as well as the eponymous effects of Implosion Zone. The only way to halt these phenomena is if someone greatly skilled in the numenera can access the stasis generators responsible for the gravitic leakage, located on the very ship it's placed in suspended animation.

Unfortunately, if the craft were ever to be released from stasis, it would turn out to be a massive sorg vessel that somehow became trapped within the Earth's crust. Once freed they would try to contact the rest of their warlike kind and bring them over to Earth. While many had believed that the object was called the Attractor because it vaguely referenced the device's anomalous gravitational footprint, in actuality, it was called that because it purpose was to draw attention to the planet it crashed upon. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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