Ascension of Kex-Lianish

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The Ascension of Kex-Lianish is a crystalline dimension inhabited by crystalline beings.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Ascension of Kex-Lianish is a beautiful, barren, and limited dimension composed entirely of crystal. Wind whistles through convoluted crystalline shapes, and the land is in a perpetual state of twilight. What little light it receives is from a tiny point of white light, which fractures into dancing fields of scintillating color as it passes through the crystals.

Newcomers to the dimension find themselves on a windswept slope called the Crystal Mountain, consisting of several terraced levels. The mountainside is interspersed with jagged fragments jutting from the ground and several anomalous, intricate structures, similar to ice sculptures. It's home to several unique forms of crystalline life, only a few of which are friendly. The crystals and structures house enigmatic beings of light and vibration. They jump from one formation to the next at will. Of course, immediate concern are the three foot tall crystalline creatures called crystalvores that eat energy but also vigorously defend themselves if disturbed.

The Crystal Mountain also contains a vast, hidden cave system. Because the crystal grows over any cave openings, it's difficult to find the way into the interior. However, finding a way isn't impossible. The caves seem to be artificial in nature. Chambers that contain machines, devices, storage areas filled with oddities and cyphers, enigmatic crystal formations, and terrain hazards like ravines and falling stalactites of of crystal are commonly encountered.

Rumors suggest that a vast crystal mind sleeps somewhere in the mountain. It may even be that the whole mountain is the mind, fractured and broken into splintered thoughts and feelings.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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