Acausal Badlands

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The Acausal Badlands are a region of Panaton where time hazards are of greater risk.

Background[edit | edit source]

The temporal hazards of the badlands, in particular, streak across it like strands on a web and have the unfortunate ability of also attracting and collecting excised time loops, also known as time loops, from different dimensions. These extracted periods of time are repeated and re-experienced by those caught within them with no foreseeable means of breaking from their bonds. Luckily, however, these loops will only appear for limited periods until time wraiths, chronal feeders, or other temporal parasites clear them out.

Each of the loops exists within its own bounded space as much as 5 miles in diameter. It's hard to discern what each one holds when viewing from the exterior.But entering is of great risk, as an explorer could easily become trapped from within. However, it should be noted noted that items or even people that were born along the anomalies might give valuable information as to how they began, useful information that the dothin and thexx alike venture into them for.

While many locations that the loops take place within are based around locations of the concurrent Earth from the prime reality, not all are from the same time period as Ninth World explorers.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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