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Torment Item Icon 198.png
General data
Effect+1 Icon Might small.png Might (permanent)
Restores 3 Icon Might small.png Might
ValueIcon shins.png 91

Abtrucense is a Cypher of equipment in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description[edit | edit source]

This eyeball and its stalk are clearly not human. The eyeball itself has an odd, opaque green color, but odder still is the fact that it maintains a moist, lifelike feel. Swallowing the eyeball - with some difficulty - imparts some of the vitality of whatever creature this was harvested from. According to the lore, there once existed a semi-intelligent race of deep-sea cephalopods in Garravia Sound. These creatures were known to rescue drowning sailors. Over time, it was discovered the people saved retained above average regeneration and constitution months after the event. This discovery reportedly led to organized hunts for the creatures in order to obtain more of their essence. The creatures did not offer any resistance and often made themselves visible to hunting parties. After years of over-hunting, the creatures disappeared suddenly. All that remained were thousands of their eyeballs littering the ocean floor. Over the centuries, stocks of these "abtrucenses" have mostly vanished - the knowledge of the creatures' sacrifice all but forgotten.

Location[edit | edit source]