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The Abscission is a void within the dimension of Reeval.

Background[edit | edit source]

This 4 mile space is strung with white tendrils that create a three-dimensional crosshatch filling the interior like a precisely woven web. At the juncture of many of the cross-hatches are organic spheres of about 6 ft. in diameter that sometimes hang flaccidly, sometimes bulge as if filled with fluid or gas, and other times they'll shake and thrash around as if holding something alive. Each bulb is a harvesting station that transdimensionally connects to previously deployed Nibovian probes and lures operating in the base dimension. Some Nibovian constructs siphon human emotion into crystal-like concentrations collected here, some steal clothing and personal possessions, and in the case of the Nibovian guide, some will kidnap an entire human.

Everything stolen from the human world is collected here within the Abscission. After a few days of hanging, a collection bulb will make its way down a given strand on thousands of tiny tendril feet, hardens to the consistency of a tough egg shell , and is either absorbed directly into the floor and the thus in to the Body of the Thread, or sent toward Braid to become part of the experiment. In any case, the prospects for the captive seem poor.

Sometimes, still-living humans shunted into the Abscission will manage to get free of the collection bulbs and make a nuisance of themselves. To prevent that, several biological constructs (known as Abscission Guardians) that were specially created within the neighboring Nibovian Development Void Patrol. If they catch loose humans here, captives are subdued and re-encapsulated (or freshly encapsulated if they arrive from somewhere else) inside a collection bulb.

Sometimes creatures other than humans are accidentally transferred to the Abscission via Nibovian Guides. Such creatures will usually by transdimensional in nature, such as the abykos. erynth grask, and nildir. These creatures are usually more adept at escaping the collection bulbs than human victims.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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