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Aato, also referred to as the Green Moon, is a large, artificial structure orbiting the planet Urvanas.

Background[edit | edit source]

A small green, as verdant as a leaf and slightly translucent encircles Urvanas. Humans have unimaginatively called it the Green Moon. The lux, however, call it Aato and revere it as some sort of deific presence.

Aato is utterly airless with an almost smooth appearance, it also holds 1/10th the gravity of Earth. The surface is devoid of any blemish or cratering. Composed of a diamond-hard synth akin to volcanic glass, it constantly soaks up sunlight, possibly in order to power one or more internal processes. Rumors abound of a vast cache of numenera held deep inside, sometimes motivating explorers to utilize extreme methods to reach the satellite. But those who try to bore their way beneath the surface will immediately discover that the Green Moon can focus all available light falling over it onto some troublesome intruder anywhere along its surface or anywhere within a few hundred thousand miles to which it has a line of sight.

Inscetoid automatons, called aobo by the lux, scuttle across Aato's surface at widely distributed locations. These creatures, as green and as smooth as the structure they reside upon, mend cracks, smooth over craters, and provide other repairs to the moon's surface. They each possess within them a unique personality; many are quiet, but some happen to be personable, brooding, angry, or even childlike. A few are murderous. A talkative aobo might speak about Urvanas and what it's observed of the planet over the last few centuries, but it won't discuss the Green Moon, nor will it admit that it even exists, or that the automaton spends most of its existence maintaining said moon's exterior.

Sometimes Aato transmits messages. These messages are picked up by ancient receivers, by some automatons and machines already capable of speaking with each other via private machine channels, and sometimes through physically sensitive individuals. The messages contain vast amounts of data on incredibly specialized topics, so even when the messages are heard, their contents are often so esoteric that it's impossible to make much sense out of them. But all of them begin with an image of the moon hanging above Urvanas.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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